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The last message got interupted sorry. I will be at my house crying by myself. Not having any friends.


I HATE ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So last night I think that I was ofically excommunicated from the circle of friends becasue I don't want to go to EGLAND. So if anybody wants to talk to me or anything I


So I am at work today and a lady walks in. Before we engaged in conversation I noticed that she had a cane folded up and was holding it. It was the type of cane that blind people use and swing in front of them so not to run into things. Then I asked her how she was doing to which she replied "good". Then i asked her if I could help her out with anything and she said "no I am just LOOKING".

I have not used this in a long time

So I am sitting here at work and have everything done that needs to be done. So I thought that I would see what is going on in lj land. It seems like not that much. Well if I would have had anything important to say to anyone who would be reading this I would just CALL you.

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Hello everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was told by a customer that there was an article about how somebody found soft tissue in a T-Rex thigh bone. Of course I thought that it was the coolest so i looked into it. THEY DID find soft tissue in the thigh bone of a T-Rex. They have been studying it for some time now and they have even mentioned finding DNA. If that is true and they can map out the genome......well that would be one hell of a hunting trip.

Just thought that everyone should know about that.

See ya

My new PETS!!!!!!!

Well first of all I have not posted here for a really long time. So I thought that this would be a good time to start again!! I just got my new pets they are 2 ball pythons. Well naming them is a lot harder to do than I thought. Now I am looking to you for all of your creativity to help my name my snakes....PLEASE?

Also my birthday is in 2 weeks. Just thought that i would let everybody know!!!!!


I was on my way to the concert last night and almost had got into a accident because I saw the NORTHERN LIGHTS. That was the first time I have ever seen them. They were pretty cool! I pulled off of the interstate so that David and I could watch them for a sec. It was cool experience. I had heard that you could see them up here but only at certain times of the year.

If anyone wants to see them. They will be glowing again tonight from about 10pm to 1am. The best time being around midnight to see them. They are supposed to be the brightest then.

IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am the proud owner of a shiny, brand spankin new, DVD version of the ZOBIE movie of the year. Yes that is right the showing of the movie will be at PEPPER'S PALACE OF LOVE at 9:30 sharp tonight. All are welcome, if directions are needed just give a call and they will be provided.